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Basic Software Package consists of three programs:

  • Billing

This extremely user-friendly program allows you to enter in all your customer information. Allows you to save, recall and view all customer information in seconds. Once you have entered in the information you can print out every form that is involved with your deal. You should not have to hand write anything. This program will print out your bank contracts, all motor vehicle forms (MV-50's, MV-82's, Tax Forms, Intransit...), warranty forms, invoices, buyers orders, book of registry stickers, key tags, window stickers, thank you letter, PDI forms, Odometer statement and a great deal more.

The Billing Program is loaded with special features such as libraries, washouts, disclosure screens, registration fee calculations and so much more.  It also includes a series of very valuable reports.  Some of the many reports are: Managers reports, sales tax reports, warranty reports, bank reports, zip code reports,  tire tax, salesmans reports, activity reports and many more.    

  • Sales

    ADS is known for having the best Sales Program on the market. We provide the easiest to use and most powerful sales tools available. This program has been seamlessly integrated with the Billing Program to provide extremely accurate payments and generate a wide variety of payment scenarios. This is a must see application.
  • Inventory

The new and improved Inventory Program is packed with special features that are sure to impress. It's easy to use and provides every feature imaginable. You can view your inventory, print out inventory lists, print out vehicle forms, key tags, window stickers, buyers guide, add repair orders and a great deal more.

             One of our newest features to this program gives you the ability to
             post your inventory to AutoTrader and  You will be
             amazed at how simple this process is.  Simply tag the vehicle
             you would like to send and click, sending over all the information
             about the vehicle plus all the vehcile options, notes and pictures.
             No more double entering your inventory or no more paying
             someone to manage your account with this now simple process.

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  Additional Programs...

  In addition to the Basic 
  Package (Billing, Inventory
  and Sales)  ADS also has a
  Buy Here / Pay Here and 
  Menu Selling programs

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