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ADS has been programming exclusively for New York State Automotive Dealerships since 1972.  We have the experience and the knowledge to help you meet and exceed your goals by providing your dealership with the best software applications possible.  We have worked closely with some of Rochester's most respected dealerships and their personel to create a user friendly program that is easy to use.  

                                                                   You can contact us at:

                                                                            John Stubbe
                                                                             Jeff Stubbe

                                                                     Auto Dealer Systems
                                                                           PO BOX 12798
                                                                     Rochester, NY 14602
                                                                         (585) 383 - 8850


If you are New York State Auto Dealer and would like us to contact you about setting up a FREEon-site demo of our software, please fill in the information below.  If you would rather contact us via email you can certainly do that too.  You will be amazed at how extremely affordible these programs are.  Again, we want to thank you for taking an interest in our software and we look forward to doing business with you.




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